Weekly Updates

Thoughts of Praise or Concern


• Special days this week — Birthdays: Glen on the 23rd; Kay and Rob on the 27th. Anniversary: Richard & Linda on the 24th


• Friend Day Fellowship — We will celebrate a Friend Day Pot Luck Fellowship next Sunday, October 29th. A sign-up sheet is on the lobby table, as well as invitations. We hope you’ll take some invitations for friends, join us, and bring a friend or two.


• FBI — Early sign-up for the next semester of Faith Bible Institute is now through October 31st. We will study the Decline and Fall of Israel & Judah, Timothy, Titus, Hebrews, 1 and 2 Peter, and Jude, as well as Doctrine of the Holy Spirit, Satan and Man. All are welcome.

Also, an elective 4-week class on the Doctrine of Angels: Their Origin, Nature, Ministry and Rank will begin on Wednesday, December 20th. Each class will be about 1-1/2 hours long. The cost for this elective is $35 per student or $60 per couple. Deadline for signing up for this elective course is November 9th.

For information on the next semester or the elective, see Sis. Sheila.


• Cleaning house — A new sign-up sheet for church cleaning is on the bulletin board next to the nursery. Signing up for a month or so would be a blessing to us. Thanks.


• New directory — If you were not in our last directory but want to be in the new one, see me for a questionnaire. Thanks. — Bro. Frank


• Save the Date —

*Sunday, November 20th — Lord’s Supper for members, after evening worship. If you’re interested in becoming a member, speak with Pastor Gary or Pastor Jim.

*Tuesday, November 22nd — Praise & Thanksgiving Service at 7 pm. Note: No Wednesday evening service the week of Thanksgiving.

Sermon Notes

Series: “Walking With Jesus”


Luke 22:(31-34)


I. Peter was (Sifted)

A. The Lord (warned) Him

B. He was a (target)

C. The Lord (prayed) for Him


II. Peter (Sinned)

A. He was (prideful)

B. He (denied) the Lord


III. Peter (Survived) and Thrived

A. The Lord did not (give up) on Him

B. He (grew) through the failure

C. His life (showed) Jesus



A. Satan still (sifts) believers

B. Believers will have (struggles)

C. The Lord will not (give) up on you, (live) for Him

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