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Thoughts of Praise or Concern

• Faith Bible Institute — Next semester starts this Wednesday, January 24th at 9 am or 6 pm. Anyone is welcome to sit in on the class, watch the video and check us out. If you are interested in more information on FBI classes, see Sis. Sheila. Thanks.

• Goonan family news
**Daniel’s birthday is on February 8th. If you’d like to send him a card, address it to Connor’s address at the hospital, and put “Attn: Daniel” either on the front lower left corner or on the back. Or check with the pastor on when he plans to visit and get the card to him.
**Julie is putting together a Valentine Party Box for the Goonan family. If anyone would like to send a card, please give to Julie by next Sunday, January 28th.


• Read the Bible in a year — As a reminder, if you’ve never read the Bible through, cover to cover, there is a schedule on the back of each week’s bulletin which will have you reading the Bible in 365 days. Consider it a daily blessing.

• Bare bones directory — We are compiling a church families directory for 2018. If you were not in last year’s directory, but would like to be in the new one, please see Bro. Frank for a questionnaire. Remember, you don’t have to be a member to be included. We will have a proof on the 28th for you to review. Thanks.

• Humor in the pews — Two boys were walking home from Sunday school after hearing a rather convicting sermon about the devil. One boy said, “What do you think about this Satan stuff?” The other replied, “Well, you know how Santa Claus turned out. It’s probably just your Dad”

Sermon Notes

Fleeing (Fleshly) Living

Philippians 3:(17-21)


I. The (Pattern) to Follow

A. Follow (Godly) examples

B. Take (heed), it can be done

C. Take (heart), it is not easy


II. The Path to (Avoid)

A. Many follow after the (flesh)

B. This is (heartbreaking)

C. They are (enemies) of the cross of Christ


III. A (Position) to Enjoy

A. We are (citizens) of heaven

B. We have a (greater) hope

C. We will have ultimate (victory)



A. Follow the pattern of (Godly) believers

B. (Avoid) the path of rebellion

C. Remember we are more than conquerors in (Christ)

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